53 Auto Repair

53 Auto Repair

A Lifelong Passion

Cars have been a lifelong passion of 53 Auto owner Bill Huggins. He grew up around cars and knew from a young age that he would make a career out of driving, racing, and fixing cars. After graduating from Wichita Area Technical College in 1992, Bill went to work for a large Wichita dealership where his skills were expanded and where he first found his special talent for European and other import vehicles. It all started with Volkswagen – when none of the other technicians wanted to work on them, Bill found these cars interesting and challenging. From there, Bill traveled all over the country for training with Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, BMW, Land Rover, and Jaguar. Bill also spent 10 years as the manager of a very prestigious independent European auto repair shop in Wichita.

More Than Just Changing Parts

In 2019 Bill and his wife, Lori, opened 53 Auto with a determination to be the top independent automotive repair shop in Wichita. Their philosophy is to “fix it right the first time” and to treat people honestly and fairly. 53 Auto will stand behind the work they do and offers this warranty.

Bill knows that the key to automotive repair is expert diagnostics, and this is what sets 53 Auto apart from other shops in the Wichita area. These other shops may shortcut the diagnostics and just change parts, but this is not the way to ensure complete automotive repair. You deserve to know exactly what is wrong with your vehicle, and you deserve the expertise that you can find at 53 Auto.

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Meet “Dumpy”, our shop mascot! He is enjoying his retirement sitting in front of 53 Auto and gets a lot of attention from customers and people who pass by. Next time you’re in our neighborhood, be sure to stop by and take a picture with Dumpy – you can get a special discount on your next service appointment if you do. Have kids? Grab a Dumpy coloring page from the office – bring it back and have it displayed in our waiting room!

Dumpy - 53 Auto Repair Mascot