Service Reminders

Q: What is a Service Reminder?

A: This service is for new or existing customers. We can send you a courtesy message by email, postal mail, or phone reminding you in advance of your next scheduled service interval date based on your service needs, car data, and your "VIN" number.

You may come in for a service consultation, and we can download the data from your vehicle's computer system to determine your car's service needs and requirements.

Take advantage of this complimentary service from 53 Auto Repair to avoid missed routine services that your dealer requires for warranty compliance. When you drive in for a service consultation at 53 Auto Repair, we will provide you with a checklist of items that your car will/may need to stay in optimum running order.

By using our service reminder option you won't miss appointments for your routine scheduled services. This will help you to avoid a build up of service issues, that can happen due to parts that are designed to wear out at certain mileages.

Please complete the Service Reminder Request Form below:

We will contact you ASAP to confirm your service needs, and request details. Thank You! - 53 Auto Repair

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